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Welcome to the Native American Wiki! This is a work-in-progress wiki that will show you the lives of the great people who once ruled the Americas. Learn about the tribes, religions, cultures and more here!

Get a few things clear

First lets get a definition of 'Native American'. The Webster Dictionary writes 'a member of any of the aboriginal peoples of the western hemisphere; especially :  a Native American of North America and especially the United States'.

Now, just because it says 'especially the United States' in the definition doesn't mean thats the only thing this wiki is about. It will be about all Native people of the Americas.

Enjoy your stay!

Need Editors

If you are knowledgeable in the history and cultures, etc. of Native Americans, or even just a person who wants to collect data and stuff off of other websites and put it on here, you are welcome to edit! As I am one person I will need some help!

But first heres some rules to keep it a bit regulated!

1. Only keep it to Native Americans, no history of Australian Natives or random tid-bits of info about Japan or something.

2. You can, however, add things about the Europeans who discovered and conquered the Americas and thier conflicts with natives. But, don't add things like the entire history of the UK just because they had a presence in the New World.

3. Remember I and eventually future admins will be watching over your work and notrifying you of any mistakes.

4. VERY IMPORTANT. Please dont copy an entire Wikipedia page to here, kinda cheat-y. You may copy some of the Wikipedia pages as long as at least 40-50% of the page you are typing up is in your own words. At least try to paraphrase. If you do copy any part of a Wikipedia page please at least acknowledge that you did so. ALSO please remove ALL hyperlinks, citation boxes, etc. from any piece of text that you copy from Wikipedia. Anyone caught not going by this rule will get a warning!

5. Try to keep things organized. Maybe organize all the pages about the tribes in the same way (with a map,flag, statistics, etc to the side and certain subtitles like Creation, Religion, etc)

6. Have fun editing!

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